10 things I won’t share on social networks that you may not want to, either

Photo Credit: gfairchild via Compfight cc

We’ve all been there. A late-night tweet, a questionable Facebook photo, a deeply held belief that was just offended.

I’ve decided to make my own list of stuff I won’t share on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or any social network. Most of these are things I would recommend that you avoid sharing, too. But I’ll write this from my perspective.

5 friendly ways to network at conferences

1. Look for what you can freely give The best way to receive at conference is to give freely without expecting anything in return. One of the greatest, lasting rewards is the joy of helping someone else. Instead of looking for who can benefit you or your business, look for how you can help people […]

How to invest in entrepreneurship for only 25¢


When people ask me what I do, I often respond, “I do a lot if things; I’m an entrepreneur.” I’m very happy to have earned that title. I’m no longer just a freelance web designer, just a podcaster, just a consultant, or just one anything. I am an entrepreneur! As such, I get excited when […]